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50 years of expertise

Founded in 1971, Gregori International has 50 years of experience in designing exceptional outdoor sports grounds and landscape planning. The company has also become a key player in the field of sports turfs.

Upon its creation in 1903 in Boufarik in Algeria, the Gregori company was a plant nursery that exported throughout the entire of North Africa. Since the 1950s it has been focused on the creation of turnkey landscaping works for parks and gardens.

In 1961 the company set up its headquarters near to Toulouse (Saint-Jory).

Its understanding of the countries of the Middle East has allowed it to win several turnkey markets for export: agricultural irrigation works, reforestation, urban landscaping in Libya, Saudi Arabia, and in Kuwait.

Gregori International was founded in 1971.

This expansion continued throughout the 1970s and 1980s, and numerous turnkey projects in agricultural engineering and landscaping were developed and carried out (Morocco, Guinea, Lebanon, Egypt, Syria) while the construction sector was also developed (Holiday Inn Hotel in Fort Myers, Florida).

During the 1990s projects abroad multiplied: Miami, Hong Kong, Tunis, Abu Dhabi… The group built in Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, the Caribbean, and in South-East Asia where numerous prestigious gold courses and sports facilities were created (stadiums, sports grounds, tennis courts, athletics tracks, swimming pools, etc.)

In the 2000s it was the know-how and creativity of the Gregori teams that allowed the implementation of innovative technological procedures such as the FIBERSOIL substrate, with the subsequent revolutionising of traditional construction methods for riding rings and sports lawns. The worksites are set-up and the work carried out in “fast-track” mode, occasionally in record times, all while maintaining quality and high-level technicality.

Today the Gregori Group can count nearly 300 people working across four continents.

Our teams are deployed on worksites across the world, including in the most remote locations and in the most adverse conditions (salt-heavy, humid, or arid areas) to respond to the specific expectations of each of our clients.

A specialist in sports grounds and outdoor sports soils, and expert in turf technologies, Gregori International now offers, in addition to its traditional construction and renovation services, an entire range of local turnkey stadiums, as well as a large range of turf consulting and management services.

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