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The link at Safehaven Grand Cayman, BWI 2005

We were approached at the very preliminary stage of the project to study and assess, in close co-operation with Roy Case, the Golf Course Architect, the construction method statement for this golf course to be built on land reclaimed from the sea. Grassing required sophisticated soil conditioning techniques aimed at reducing the salt content and the rehabilitation of the mangrove.
Despite the very challenging technical aspects, the course was built on time and budget.

Because of the hurricane Ivan in 2004, the course was completely renewed in 2005/2006 by Gregori International company.

Scope of works :

- in 1993: Turnkey construction, earthworks and rough shaping, drainage and irrigation system, construction of golf features (Greens, Tees and Bunkers), grassing and maintenance.
- renovation 2005: Golf course renovation including drainage and irrigation, bunkers reconstruction, re-shaping and grassing. Lien:

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