We developed FIBERsoil, a reinforced fiber/sand layer ideal for growing a shear-resistant grass surface with optimal drainage. Over the years we have mastered the art of customizing the mix to the application as well as its installation with our specialized equipment.

FIBERSOIL advantages

- The best drainage possible on a playing field
- A surface that can be used rapidly after construction
- Healthy turf with fast recovery from heavy play
- A field that can endure extensive use, rain or shine (more than double the amount of use of regular fields)
- Reduced maintenance, due to reduced field damage, so reduced operating costs

FIBERsoil sand consists of graded silica sand randomly mixed with polypropylene fibers, rendering a consistent blend tailored to local conditions and the demands of the intended event surface with incredible binding characteristics. It is installed over drainage and filtering layers, enhancing its already excellent drainage characteristics.
FIBERsoil turf is the result of growing grass on the fibered sand growing medium, resulting in a knitting together of fiber and grass roots, producing a shear and tear resistant turf with maximum drainage capability. Unlike synthetic turf fields where the surface is synthetic and often the cause of serious injuries to athletes, FIBERsoil turf puts its synthetic fibers to work for you below the surface to reinforce the natural playing surface.
FIBERwax footing profile is similar to the FIBERsoil sand profile described above, except that the top mix layer is made of sand, Lycra fibers and wax, and there is no need for an irrigation system. The wax being a hydrophobic material, it rejects water yet binds the sand and the Lycra fibers at all times; additionally, the mix will never freeze.

Applications :

- Equestrian surfaces (Polo, Racing, Jumping…)
- Sports fields
- Grassed fire truck access ways
- Grassed parking lots
- Grassed tramway roads & crossings


With FIBERsoil turf fields standard maintenance practices are still employed : aeration, top dressing, dethatching, verticutting, etc., using traditional equipment.
These operations do not deteriorate the mix in any way.

Actually, the level of maintenance is considerably reduced as compared to standard fields thanks to FIBERsoil's resistance to shear and tear. The synthetic fibers remain in the ground, although FIBERsoil can actually be used to topdress the existing FIBERsoil surface. This topdressing application practice can be reduced by more than half in comparison to a traditional field, resulting in additional savings.


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